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A visit in to Daniel O’Connell’s crypt

‘It’s thought to bring good luck if you touch Daniel O’Connell’s coffin’

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The O'Connell crypt & tower

A Tour of Glasnevin Cemetery

I have often said, I must go and see that when travelling around Dublin, but seldom follow through. For many years, I have passed by the gates of Glasvnevin Cemetery and said these words. But I recently was invited to join a couple of friends on a tour of this amazing cemetery which is the final resting place of many of Ireland’s leading patriots, rebels, politicians and writers.

I was amazed by some of the features of the tour, particularly with the visit into the burial crypt of Daniel O’Connell (1775 – 1847) The Liberator (Bio on wikipedia), whose importance in Irish and world history was well stated by President Barack Obama in his keynote address on Dublin’s College Green (the site of one of O’Connell’s famous Monster Meetings) when visited Ireland recently. I am digressing.

Inside the O’Connell crypt we were told by our guide Daniel O’Connell’s body lies perfectly preserved in a lead-lined oak casket, and it is considered good luck to pop your hand in under the plinth and touch the coffin. The lead-lined coffins of O’Connell’s family and descendents are stacked one above the other in an alcove alongside The Liberator and to the back of the crypt the O’Connell Tower marks the spot inside the entrance of the graveyard and dominates the local skyline. Outside of the crypt there is a circle of tombs where lie the bodies of prominent citizens who paid to erect the fitting tribute to O’Connell.

Daniel O'Connell

O’Connell died in Genoa, Italy. His dying wish of having his buried in Rome and the rest of his body in Ireland was complied with. The eminence of his crypt in Glasnevin Cemetery is indicative of the incredible esteem in which he was held. Amongst other things, it was O’Connell who fought to open Glasnevin Cemetery in 1832 as the  first nondenominational cemetery in Ireland, and he was an advocate for human rights across a whole range of areas including the abolition of slavery.

Glasnevin Cemetery is also the final resting place of Charles Stewart Parnell, Arthur Griffith, Michael Collins, Eamonn DeValera, Brendan Behan, Christy Brown and Maude Gonne, and each grave has its own unique story.

Glasnevin Cemetery is  a 10-minute walk from Egans House and there are organised tours each day. Contact reception to find out more.


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EGANS GUEST HOUSE has provided Bed & Breakfast accommodation for tourist and business visitors to Dublin in an idyllic central location for many years.

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Competitive pricing, personal service, our location (Close to Croke Park and just off the main bus route to Dublin Airport) and an eclectic range of local amenities –  Bustling restaurants, lively pubs, tranquil green parks, and did we mention Croke Park – make us ideal for city breaks, tracing your Irish roots (we’re very close to Glasnevin Cemetery, and its award-winning – 12 gongs so far – Museum and Geneology Centre) and short business trips.

What’s the blog all about

We have started a blog to keep you in touch with what is happening around the guesthouse, highlight interesting things to do in the local area and around the city, and most importantly provide some insider information and tips on how to make the most of your stay in Dublin.

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