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@EgansHouseTeam on Twitter



We signed up for Twitter a while back and have been looking for ways that it might help our guests, friends and wider network (We’ll just call you ‘The Network’) to better enjoy their time in Dublin, and get a taste for some of the more interseting aspects of life in Dublin.

Incidently, we’re known on Twitter as @EgansHouseTeam , and you can find us at

Anyway, to cut a long story short, while looking at an interesting Twitter tracking service called @dubl_twopcharts , we were struck by the range of info that is out there and decided to compile public lists of Tweeters that might wish to interact with The Network and vise versa, and set about collecting names of bars, restaurants, winebars, bookshops, galleries, theatres, writers, critics and so on. Check out our List Page

The List is small but growing at the moment. We will build it up. If there is a list that you would like to see us compile or if you should be on any of our lists, let us know. Drop us a line to

In addition to this we will be using Twitter to highlight Things to do in Dublin and pass on any  special offers that might be available from those on The List, as well as the all important business of musing about what’s going on around Egans House.

Finally, if you are on Twitter, Tweet Us and say HELLO.