3 Great New Year’s Musical Events in Dublin

Dublin is a fine city to be located in to welcome the arrival of the New Year and you’ll find plenty of things to do to celebrate on New Year’s Eve.

If you are already in the city, then be sure to check local newspapers for details, or consider going along to what we think are the three best and most memorable musical events to attend.

The Ringing of the bells at Cathedral of the Holy Trinity

(Previously and sometimes still known as Christchurch Cathedral)

Built somewhere close to the year 1028, this cathedral from the middle ages is certainly something to see. It originally had close ties to Canterbury Cathedral and is the oldest structure in the city.

It’s a seasonal treat to experience bell ringing at the Cathedral. The 19 cathedral bells are reputed to deliver some of the loudest peals in the world. Six of the bells have been in place since 1670 (unfortunately the first ones cracked when there was an accidental gunpowder explosion nearby). One of the bells weighs more than 2 tonnes.

Every year on New Year’s Eve, you’ll find groups of friends and families gathering outside the cathedral to listen to the bells as they ring in the New Year.

Tips: Wear something warm and try to arrive around 10.30pm. There will also be a concert taking place inside the Cathedral by the Dublin Gospel Choir.  Tickets available for the concert from the Cathedral’s website.

RTE Gala New Year’s Eve Concert

Another traditional music event that is a joy to attend is this annual concert held at the National Concert Hall.  You’ll have to buy tickets early as there is never an empty seat in the house as this event is known as the flagship performance of the National Concert Hall.

Expect to listen to the RTE Concert Orchestra & Big Band pull all the fun seasonal favourites out of the hat. This year they will be accompanied by Michel Legrand the well-known French film movie composer who will be the pianist, singer and conductor.

Included in the price of the ticket is a glass of Champagne, or you can opt to take dinner.

Info: Check www.nch.ie for further info. Ticket prices vary and the performance starts at 10pm.

NYE Dublin

If traditional music and bell ringing doesn’t really do it for you, then this outdoor concert with pyrotechnics, special effects and performances could be right up your street.

Over the festive season you may have come across seasonal markets, an ice rink and many other activities that have been arranged as part of this event. On 31st December, you’ll find the streets around the city centre coming alive with performances including circus acts, street theatre and the excitement of a countdown to the special hour.

Tips: don’t miss the fireworks at 8pm in St Stephen’s Green

Tickets are €20.00 (plus booking fee)

Dublin is certainly not allowing NYE to pass unnoticed this year. Be sure to buy tickets early so that you don’t miss out on your choice of seasonal treats.


Christmas Day Swim in Dublin at Forty Foot Swimming Hole

Whatever the weather on the day, every year hundreds of people take part in the Christmas Day swim at Forty Foot, Dublin. This event might not be on your to-do list but it’s certainly a lot of fun. Not to mention that it’s just around the corner from the Martello Tower where Irish novelist and poet James Joyce set his opening to Ulysses

Cold water swimming is a popular winter pastime right across Europe. Thousands will be taking part in a form of it all over the continent on Christmas Day.

You’ll see a variety of characters enjoying the water down at Forty Foot. The swimming hole is frequented by the members of the Forty Foot Gentlemen’s Swimming Club who are well aware of the health benefits of taking a cool dunk in the water. Blood circulation, salt water and something as bracing as the Irish Channel in winter will get your body moving. OK, possibly right out of the water in a big hurry.

If you fancy taking part on the big day, then you might want to prepare beforehand. Here’s what you can do to prepare and also some other snippets that you should know about:

  • Take a few cold showers to acclimatise the body. You don’t want to be too shocked when you enter the water or it could ruin your day, to say the least!
  • Don’t expect a water temperature that anywhere near resembles the summer temperature for wild swimming.
  • As you jump in, exhale. Your ribcage will contract when you enter the cold water, and you’ll naturally breathe in. Some people who don’t do this panic as they feel that they cannot breathe. Remember that any yelping that you do is all part of a taking part in a fresh natural swim.
  • Know that you’re going to feel cold when you jump in, and then get on and do it. Don’t stand on the side lines looking like an undecided turnip, you’ll only get cold.
  • Once you’re in, don’t come running straight out; give yourself at least 90 seconds to get used to the water and acclimatize.
  • Don’t imagine that you can swim too far, until you have had a practice. You’ve got to understand how your body reacts to such festive occasions first.
  • If possible don a neoprene suit – ideally with a Santa hat so that you look the part.

Open swimming is a lot of fun, believe me I’ve tried it and I highly recommend it. You just need to have your expectations set right and those of your body too.

Forty Foot is open 24 hours a day and regulars report that there can be strong currents and seals in the water. If you don’t feel all that adventurous this Christmas, nobody will hold it against you. You can always blame it on forgetting to bring your swimsuit with you.





Why do we have a day of celebration in honour of St. Patrick at all?

St. Patrick,the Patron Saint of Ireland, died on the 17th of March 461 AD and the day has been celebrated ever since. St Patrick spent thirty years building and setting up ministries and places of worship all around Ireland.

Since the earliest centuries of Christianity, it has been a custom to celebrate the anniversary of saints’ deaths. This allows believers to honor the saint’s accomplishments and celebrate their entry into heaven. A “feast day” is designated for every saint, even when the exact date of death of a saint is not known.

What are looking forward to seeing and doing during the four day Festival March 16th to March 19th in DUBLIN?


We are so excited about all the amazing things that are taking place and DUBLIN is the daddy of them all, OF COURSE! We are to expect…… a riot of troupes, artists, giant puppetry, thundering music and blazing flags cavorting from Parnell Square to St Patrick’s Cathedral . And that’s just the kick-off to the four-day festival. There’s the funfairs, exhibitions, music, even an ‘In the footsteps of St Patrick’ walking tour. Irish music and céilí needs will certainly be met, with the Trad Stage and festival céilí, but it’s the look-closely-and-what’s-that-got-to-do-with-St Patrick events we love!

Like the screening of bizarre movie Quackser Fortune has a cousin in the Bronx…It starred Gene Wilder as the titular Quackser Fortune, a poor Irish manure collector who falls in love with an American exchange student (Margot Kidder), after she almost runs him over………or the Russian music and dance extravaganza that is The Russian Spectacular.

Maybe it’s laughs you’re after? ….If so, head to the Laughter Lounge (makes sense!), where the Father Ted Weekend sees characters from the much-loved sitcom delight the crowds. Dare we say, ‘go on, go on’! Don’t panic about trying to see everything on the festival’s lengthy event schedule…………..

Is this a flying pig???


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Egans House welcomes you to the 10th International Film Festival taking place in Dublin, February 16th to 26th 2012

Highlights of the 2012 programme were revealed on the opening night February 2nd with special guests confirmed to attend the Festival later in February including Al Pacino (Wilde Salomé), Glenn Close (Albert Nobbs), Mark Wahlberg (Contraband), Martin Sheen (Stella Days), Michael Madsen (Jameson Cult Film Club screening of Resevoir Dogs), Kenneth Lonergan (Margaret), Whit Stillman (Damsels in Distress), Marjane Satrapi (Chicken With Plums) and Agnieszka Holland (In Darkness).

The festival is a citywide event that takes place in all of the Dublin City Centre Cinemas including Cineworld, The Savoy, Screen, Irish Film Institute and Light House Cinema in Smithfield. The majority of films shown at the film festival are Irish premieres, and for some of the films shown, the festival represents the only public screening that will take place in Ireland.

It’s great to see that the Smithfield Lighthouse cinema re-opened for business on the 20th of Jan. 2012 and will be one of the venues for this great event.

The Jameson Dublin International Film Festival provides a great opportunity to celebrate cinema by meeting with other film lovers and immersing yourself in the most provocative, thought provoking and exciting film from the four corners of the globe.

If you want more detailed information on what’s on, on what day you can follow Darren who has done a great review of movies he thinks will be worth checking out on @Darren_Mooney….

We are really looking forward to this exciting festival and we hope you are too! Remember to stay with us at Egans House if you are travelling to Dublin. You can ring us on +35318303611 for our best room rates. OR

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“Romantic Ireland’s dead and gone”……W.B Yeats….Ah! Not for some….St.Valentine’s Day, February 14th is nearly upon us. Come and stay with us on this special occasion!

St Valentine’s Feast Day falls on 14 February, on which day lovers have customarily exchanged cards and other tokens of affection. It is not clear why Valentine should have been chosen as the patron saint of lovers, but it has been suggested that there may be a connection with the pagan Roman Festival of Lupercalia. During this Festival, which took place in the middle of February, young men and girls chose one another as partners. Legend, no doubt embellished if not entirely fictional, has it that the Roman Valentine resisted an edict of the Emperor forbidding the marriage of young men bound for military service, for which offence he was put to death.

Valentine’s Feast is also linked with the belief that birds are supposed to pair on 14 February, which legend provided the inspiration for Chaucer’s ‘Parliament of Fowls’. The crocus, which starts to bloom in February, is called St Valentine’s Flower. The earliest Valentine letter is found in the fifteenth-century collection of Paston Letters. The general custom of sending tokens on Valentine’s Day developed during the nineteenth century, and in the present century has spread to the east, where it appears to be particularly popular in Japan. The exchange of Valentine cards, flowers, sweets and other gifts has thus become a multi-million dollar international industry. It is estimated that in excess of one billion Valentine cards are sent each year in the United States of America alone.

It may not be widely known outside Ireland that the Carmelite Church in Whitefriar Street in Dublin City claims to hold the remains of St Valentine. The Carmelites first arrived in Ireland in 1271, and today there is a community of 17 in the Monastery attached to Whitefriar Street Church. The story of how the remains of St Valentine came to rest in Whitefriar Street is interesting, and involves a famous nineteenth-century Carmelite attached to the Church, Fr John Spratt. Fr Spratt visited Rome in 1835, and apparently largely on the strength of his powers as a preacher, Pope Gregory XVI decided to make his Church a gift of St Valentine’s body, then believed to be in the Cemetery of St Hippolitus in Rome. The remains of Valentine were duly transferred to Whitefriar Street Church in 1836, and since that date have been venerated there, especially around the time of the Saint’s Feast Day.




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6 NATIONS RUGBY …..IRELAND V WALES, SUNDAY, Feb. 5TH, The Aviva Stadium…Have you booked your accommodation yet? Look no further…EgansHouse has some quality rooms left..

Can they 'match' up once again Sunday, 5th of Feb.2012 except B.O.D won't be playing due to injury.....

Gavin Henson and Brian O’Driscoll in action 2007…Can they ‘match’ up once again Sunday, 5th of Feb.2012 except B.O.D won’t be playing due to injury…..  Paul O’Connell will be deputizing as captain in his absence.   Egans House wish both teams every success in which is sure to be an entralling match once again…Ireland are the favourites to win of course, but we Irish love the Welsh equally so who knows what will happen on the day!Good Luck to both Teams…. Regards, The Egans Team.                                                                                                                                                       

The great Paul O’ Connell who will be steering our boys in green to victory, hopefully, Feb, 5th 2012, he has proved himself before and can do it again.

Ireland Rugby Team ready for the 6Nations challenge once again with Paul O' Connel deputizing as captain in the absence of Brian O' Driscoll, who is out with a injury at the moment. Egans House wish you every success once again in your faultless record against Wales.

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Egans House WANTS YOU!!!!… Why not visit Ireland’s capital DUBLIN for the 6Nations rugby showdown between Ireland V Italy…February 25th at the Aviva Stadium

Since turning professional in the mid-1990s, rugby has changed dramatically: playing standards have risen everywhere, including in the traditional rugby-playing nations, making the process of catching up for countries like Italy all the harder. Greater visibility and popularity, especially of international rugby, has raised the (already massive) stakes for the players, coaches and teams. Alongside increased resources and competition for places, the pressure to win in countries like New Zealand, South Africa, England, France, Wales and Ireland helps them to maintain an edge over countries that are simply trying to make the sport viable, like Italy.

After twelve years of the Six Nations, rugby’s popularity, especially support for the national side, in the Belpaese has swelled recently: for instance, in the early ‘00s it was fairly easy to pick up tickets for Italy’s home matches, which were often better attended by visiting supporters. Not any more though. These days, demand from Italian supporters for the Azzurri’s now customarily sell-out matches at Rome’s Stadio Flaminio has shot up. (Indeed, a temporary stand with some 5,000 extra seats has had to be added.) If then Italy can string together some tangible results –can Italy do it against Ireland in the Aviva Stadium, Dublin this February 25th…. 2012 and make their supporters very proud?

Ireland only narrowly beat the Italians in Rome last year in the Six Nations. It was 13-11 in the favour of Ireland on that day, but the Irish are unbeaten against the Italians in the hostory of 6 Nations competition. Can the Italian team take us to task once again on this big occasion? Who will be left holding the wooden spoon!!

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Sssh……Egans House wants to tell you about the Christmas Market in the Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin this Saturday, 17th of December…last chance!!


             26 November – 17 December 2011
Venue: Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin City

The Christmas market has been running over the last 3 consecutive Saturdays….it began on the 26th November and continues until the 17th December.

Trading times will be from 11am to 4pm.

Situated in the heart of Medieval Dublin, Christ Church Cathedral is one of the best known and loved landmarks in the city. Easily reached by public transport or on foot from the main shopping areas, the cathedral attracts thousands of visitors every year who come to enjoy the unique and magical experience that Christ Church has to offer.

The Christmas market is held indoors in the 12th Century crypt, with a total of 15 stalls creating an intimate festive shopping experience and will feature arts, crafts, jewellery and craft stalls including those by up and coming Irish designers. This year there will also be food stalls outside in the cathedral grounds and entry to the market will be free.

The year 2011 is an important and challenging year for the cathedral. In need of urgent repair and restoration work, a major fundraising campaign to raise the €2 million needed has been launched and all proceeds of the Christmas market will go towards its upkeep. The high profile campaign has already seen a host of names get behind the donation drive to save Christ Church including model Rosanna Davison, dancer Michael Flatley, singer Roger Whittaker, actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Irish Ambassador for culture, Gabriel Byrne.


Christ Church Cathedral

T: +353 1 6778099

E: nuala.kavanagh@cccdub.ie

Things To Do Near by

Why not give it visit… you are sure to pick up something interesting for yourself or as a gift for a friend or a loved one. You will also visit one of the most well known and loved historic buildings in Ireland and Europe.



The Egans Team


Christmas is coming and Egans House wants you to come and stay over the Christmas holiday…..Dublin will be quiet enough between Christmas and New Year but everything will be open; shops will be running their January sales, pubs will close on 25 & 26 December but will be back open on the 27th, you may find some restaurants are closed but the vast majority will be open………We have some wonderful pubs/restaurants within 5 minutes walk of Egans House and we are sure you will think they are wonderful too!

Imagine yourself arriving here to Egans House and enjoying a very comfortable time relaxing in our lounges where you can read, use the computer or laptop, play some games, watch T.V or movie, meet up with some friends or just chill with a cup of coffee or beverage.

The area is full of interesting things to do from eating out to sight seeing. We are minutes away from the National Botanic Gardens which are beautiful to take a stroll in at this time of year….or if you like cemeteries or museums we have Glasnevin Cemetery/Visitor Centre beside us as well. They both provide tours each day.

Dublin city is a truly special place at Christmas time. From the switching on the lights ceremonies, right up until the big day itself, Dublin sparkles with festive spirit like nowhere else. A variety of merry events take place during the weeks running up to Christmas and there is something for the young and the old and for family and friends alike.

Check out http://www.dublinatchristmas.ie for more details……..

The New Year is going to be magical also in Dublin with many activities taking place to keep families entertained…..

It’s going to be another fantastic Dublin New Year Festival and this year more and more venues throughout the city are putting on great entertainment over the New Year period. Enjoy the huge amount of events that Dublin has to offer this New Year 2012! Check out http://www.NewYearFestival.com for more information.

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Our warm and inviting dining room where you will enjoy a hearty Irish Breakfast each morning.

Happy Christmas to you and your family, may the New Year bring New beginnings to you all!


The Egans Team


Taste of Christmas will take place in the new Convention Centre Dublin (CCD). Located in Spencer Dock on Dublin’s North Wall Quay, the CCD has a convenient city centre location and is easily accessible for all visitors.

Celebrate the festive season in style this year with Taste of Christmas 2011 – where inspired culinary entertaining gets a glamorous holiday makeover. 
With Ireland’s finest producers and culinary gems over five floors all under one roof, this Christmas festival is the one stop shop for passionate foodies and shoppers alike. Between bites, watch some of the country’s finest chefs take to the stage in the Live Theatre Show to help you finesse your light entertaining, refine that ambitious festive menu and prepare for the season of extravagance and indulgence. 


By Rail, Tram, Bus and Taxi:

The CCD is less than 15 minutes from Dublin’s two mainline railway stations, Connolly and Heuston. The Luas red line runs directly behind the CCD. The DART is also accessible nearby with Connolly station just a few minutes walk away. The CCD is also well served by bus and taxi services.

Cookery classes in action……….if you are feeling adventurous, join the Taste of Christmas interactive cookery classes or masterclasses which are sure to fire up the imagination and help hone that holiday feast. 

Remember if you want a home away from home experience ring us now on +35318303611 or

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